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      ABOUT US首頁 > About us

        SANYANG WOODEN PRODUCTS LTD was founded in 1993, located inJiaozuo city, Henan province. With the land use of 400 Ares (9.9 Acres)for our manufacturing plant, we can effectively meet the demands of our customers on both quality and quantity. Our company is located near the famous 5A tourist site YunTai Mountain. The company has very convenient transportation, It is close to the high-speed rail station, and multiple highways such as highwayS87, S28, S233, and G5512.

        SANYANG mainly produces various types of ice cream sticks, wooden spoons, wooden flatware and other wooden products. We have developed strong experience in the production and sales of ice cream sticks over the past 25 years. We have domestically advanced ice cream sticks production equipment and technology, including three log processing production lines, four automatic polishing production lines, and more than 200 various production machines and equipment. The company processes about 30, 000 cubic meters of logs and produces more than 600,000 cartons of various ice cream sticks and wooden flatware annually and has an annual business income of more than 100 million. In terms of manufacturing quantity, we are number one in China. Our products are supplied to Yili Group, Meng Niu Group, Mulun River, Sanquan, Synear Food, Tianbing, Nestle and other well-known enterprises.

        We import high-quality white birch from eastern European countries such as western Russia,Latvia and Estonia to produce our products. In addition to mass production of commonly used ice cream sticks and wooden spoons, SANYANG can also offer custom solutions according to customer needs, such as sticks with non-repetitive laser coding, stan-dard QR laser coding, single packaging, printing patterns, and hot-stamped ticks. SANYANG is ISO9001 certified, FSSC22000 Food Safety System certified, as well as FSC Forest Management certified. The company strictly enforces national and international rules and testing standards, conducts regular statistics and quality checks, and can be traced back to the problem from logs to finished products within two hours.

        SANYANG WOODEN PRODUCTS LTD has always adhered to the business Tlosophy of"diligence and integrity and the corporate culture of"mod sty, harmony and responsibility". The company has built a great reputation on since it was founded. Over the years, SANYANG has been pursuing self development, adhering to a high sense of social responsibility, and actively participating in various charity events. SANYANG will continue to pursue the excellence of product quality and corporate culture.