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      Hands with ice cream sticks to create fan skills

      發布:hnsymy 瀏覽:1911次

        Ice cream stick to the summer is certainly very much, so simply just throw away the words will be a little waste, then do it yourself to use it to do a small object has become a very good idea, today we talk about how to use it To make a nice fan:

        Prepare material tools: cardboard, color cardboard, ice sticks, scissors, watercolor pen, double-sided adhesive, transparent tape, double-sided adhesive, latex, watercolor pen, pencil, scissors, sticks, Practice: to do this funny fan, first of all we have to cut the shape of the cardboard on the cardboard, and close to the skin color of the cardboard cut the shape of the head; with a black cardboard decoration hair; decorative pen with water color pen; The knife in the head of the chin at a tie; with latex ice stick stick fixed in the villain chin inside the position, in the ice stick stick with color cardboard made of tie to decorate.