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      Reasonable use of ice cream leftover sticks are more environmentally friendly

      發布:hnsymy 瀏覽:1962次

        Ice cream bar production line is the raw material of wood, through the peeling machine, cutting machine, surface take machine, sharpening machine and a series of production lines, processing into a finished ice cream stick, spatula of mechanical equipment.

        Professional micro-computer temperature controller, according to the need to set the temperature, automatic display temperature; the use of Chinese compressor, equipped with internal design, beauty, health, download casters, easy to move; microcomputer temperature controller, according to the need to set the temperature, Mixing system, to speed up the cold cycle, the cooling speed; according to customer needs to prepare a variety of taste popsicles, ice cream, to meet the needs of consumers of all ages; for convenience stores, all kinds of leisure places, schools, rural, Lucrative, rate of return.


        In addition, the abandoned ice sticks strong and durable, after a simple processing, you can make a lovely storage box, put on his gift is also very special, put a small gift, or store your cosmetics, you can also as a vase Filled with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, old ice sticks made of the box is very simple, hands to do it.