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      Ice cream sticks handmade swept the country

      發布:hnsymy 瀏覽:1914次

        Ice cream cold drink is a lot of friends like to eat sweets are very fond of food, and a few days we have to say the protagonist is ice cream stick.

        (Optional equipment), grinding machine (optional equipment) and a series of production lines, processing into a finished ice cream stick, spatula tongs Of machinery and equipment. At the same time, with the popularity of hand-made in recent years, the ice cream stick as one of the first handmade raw materials, also began to be more and more manual enthusiasts applied and like. A small wooden box made of ice cream sticks can be used as a storage box. Founder is very refreshing feeling. The producers are also hard to use the pen and stickers to produce some decorative effect. So that this small wooden box looks more realistic and more decorative.

        At the same time, the color of the ice cream sticks a little more, with a width of 150mm, the colors are blue, purple, yellow, green, red, orange and primary colors, there are some 10mm width, used to make decoration. We can also be appropriate to find some small wooden side, late to do with the stick, saw, knife and glue, of course, is essential,