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      Ice cream sticks are small but the production steps are quite rigorous

      發布:hnsymy 瀏覽:1924次

        Ice cream bar production line is the raw material of wood, through the peeling machine, cutting machine, take the machine (optional equipment), grinding machine (optional equipment) and a series of production lines, processed into finished ice cream sticks, Equipment.

        I plant in the years of ice cream rods in the production process, take the major peeling machine manufacturers director, well-designed, with the industry's highest quality products. The main motor of the peeling machine adopts frequency conversion speed control, plus auxiliary large claw, external electromagnetic clutch, high production efficiency, 1.5 times the production efficiency of other similar peeling machine. This product is durable, all gears are used 45 # cast steel, nuts and turbines with tin bronze 663 # material, is the same similar peeling machine life of 3-4 times. In practice, proved to: the provincial manpower - high efficiency - low power consumption advantages.

        In addition, the ice cream stick manufacturers can also be processed according to customer requirements and packaging (such as branding, dyeing, etc.), from the lower wood, cooking disinfection, Pa Pei, to peeling, punching, drying, polishing, A quality inspection, the second quality inspection, the machine automatically selected ... ... step by step down, after the most stringent process manufacturing.