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            Ice cream sticks have a lot of features and use

            發布:hnsymy 瀏覽:1848次

              Summer ice cream, do not throw the ice cream sticks thrown into the trash cans, seemingly inconspicuous small wooden production, not only the material readily twist, the production method is simple, you will find a small creative watering day suddenly change A lot of wonderful.

              Ice cream sticks for children to develop Chile, do DIY, can be formed to build a small pen, small aircraft and other technology rods can also be dyed, turning waste into treasure, to create a piece of beautiful ornaments, which can be sold on the market Collage is also warm it

              Can not think of ice cream sticks there are so many magical use, it seems that as long as the mothers are more carefully, or can find a lot of tips around to help children grow up oh.