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      Ice Cream Sticks首頁 > PRODUCT > Ice Cream Sticks
      Pasta ice cream sticks
      Pasta ice cream sticks

        Pasta ice cream sticks

        The enterprise was established in July 2006, is the production and sale of wood products production and operation of enterprises. The main processing and management of wood products are: a variety of bar (diameter range of 3.0-40MM, the length of 2M or less), food sign (diameter 1.8-4.0MM, the length of 500MM the following, machine sign or hand sign), snow (150 * 18 * 2MM, 140 * 16 * 2MM), all kinds of packaging (all kinds of packaging) Toothpicks, chopsticks, beauty sign, match stems, cutting board, wooden folder and other related wooden products. I plant products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe and the United States, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The factory has advanced production equipment, according to user requirements processing all kinds of wood products. As is located in the traffic developed, I plant and a number of production enterprises have agency business, is an important distribution center for wood products.

        I always plant the quality of the customer first, make the greatest efforts to complete the requirements of customers, with our efforts and sincere and customers to establish long-term relations of cooperation!