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      wood spoon首頁 > PRODUCT > wood spoon
      94 wooden spoon
      94 wooden spoon

        Wooden spoon parameters:

        94-16.2-10.5 * 2

        The company produces a variety of models of ice cream sticks, specifications are: 180,170,160,140,125,114,93 type ice cream sticks; ice spoon are: 138,125,94,93,78,75 and other models; Rods, cylindrical rods are: 200,180,170,160,150,140,120,93; customers can request the production of various models of new products. The Company in the quality-oriented, reputation first, mutual benefit and sincere cooperation in the purpose of serving the service, opened up a broad market, and establish a good image, welcome businessmen to the Company to discuss business.